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1. How is this virus affecting my order?

Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on our company , business and the world. The evolving situation due to COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) has likely led to questions about what happens if an event gets cancelled or postponed. All major leagues in Europe decided to postpone matches while still evaluating the situation and discussing how to face it.

For more information please click


3. How can I order tickets through your site?

Go to, choose the match, seating category, and number of tickets, then, follow the on-screen prompts, complete your payment and receive your order confirmation. All prices are per ticket.

4. Are my tickets valid?

Yes, all tickets purchased through www.footballticketnet are 100% valid and guaranteed.

5. How can I be sure I will receive my tickets?

Footballticketnet guarantees you will receive your tickets in time to attend the match, provided you provide us with correct and valid delivery details.

6. Are children required to have a ticket to attend a match?

Ticket requirements for children vary per club/match, so, it is recommended that you verify the requirement of the club before booking your tickets. 

7. Do you sell gift cards?

You can purchase gift cards on for an amount of money, as a gift, and forward it to the person of your choice to put toward the purchase of tickets to any match they choose.

8. What if I need to purchase more tickets than you have listed available?

We purchase and sell tickets daily, so, the available quantity is always changing. If you need more tickets than you see available, contact us by email at [email protected], or via our chat client, or by telephone at any of the number listed at

9. When can i contact you if i have questions or requests?

We are available 24/7,either by email, telephone, or our chat client.

10. I need one more ticket, can I add another ticket to my order?

You will have to place a new order and put a special request with the original order number, asking for them to sit together. We also recomment that you phone our call center to be sure your information has been received. We cannot guarantee they will be seated together, but, we will to our best to accommodate your request, based on ticket availability.

11. What if I accidentally order twice?

Please email us immediately at [email protected] and report your issue along with the two order ID numbers and the details of what occurred. We will check your account and get back to you with our result.

13. What is my client account?

Your client account is automatically registered when you place your order and complete your payment successfully. You can go there to print out additional order confirmation information and follow your order details, or update your shipping details if needed. If you will get electronic tickets, this is also the place from where download them.

14. How do I access my client account?

You can access your client account by going to and logging in with your password and email address used to place your order. The password is sent with the confirmation email of your first paid order with us and is valid for the subsequent paid orders as well. If you don't remember the password, please click the FORGOT PASSWORD button to get a new one sent to your email. 

15. I have not received a confirmation email for my order, what should I do?

First, please check your spam/junk folders to be sure it was not misdirected. If you don't find it, contact us to be sure your email address is working properly for us to communicate with you. You can also download and print your order confirmation from your client account on

16. How can I change my customer and/or shipping details?

You can log in to your client account at with your email address and order number, click on orders, view details and you will be able to edit your details there. 

17. What should I do if I make a mistake in my order?

Contact us right away, either by email at [email protected], online via our chat client, or our call center at any of the phone numbers listed on our home page at and we will be happy to assist you.

18. I purchased tickets as a gift, do you give gift cards?

Yes, gift vouchers are available to present to the recipient, prior to delivery. It is important to note that gift vouchers are not valid to enter the match, valid tickets will be needed so please make sure that the recipient will provide us with their contact and shipping details to ensure delivery to them.

20. How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are usually delivered by post, shipping courier, hand delivery, pick-up point, box office collection, or electronically. It is not an option for customers to decide it but for us in order to get them delivered on time. The delivery information will be sent by email in due time and updated on your account on our site.

21. How does a pick-up point works?

You will collect your tickets at a designated location from one of our representatives, usually on the day of the match, and on some occasions, the day before. Instrucitons with address for the pick-up point location, name and mobile number for the representative, will follow by email in due time.

22. Which shipping companies do you use?

We use several well-known companies for our ticket deliveries when they are posted, such as Royal Mail in the UK, or UPS and/or FedEx in other locations.

23. When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are, generally, delivered 1-3 days prior to the match, and, on rare occasions on match day if the match is late in the day or evening.

24. What if I need to change my delivery address?

You can sign into your client account, at, using your order ID and email address. Once there, please click on the order tab, and as long as there is enough time prior to the match, you can edit your shipping details and submit the changes. If not possible to do it online, please contact us urgently.

25. Can my tickets be delivered to me internationally?

If not electronic and due to time constraints, and ticket delivery time being so close to the date of the match, it is highly recommended that the tickets be delivered to an address in the country, and the city if possible,  where the match takes place.

26. Do you delivery tickets to any local address?

If not electronic, tickets can be delivered to any local address that will be able to accept and sign for delivery on your behalf, within the guidelines of our delivery procedure.

27. Can my tickets be sent to a mail box?

Ticket delivery requires a signature to confirm delivery, therefore, they cannot be sent to a mailbox. 

28. What if no one is home to sign for my delivery?

If no one is available to sign for the parcel, the addressee will have to collect them from the shipper's office with an ID.

29. Can I choose my preferred delivery method?

The delivery method varies from match to match and will depend on the availability, volume, and location of the match. You can, however, make a request and we will consult our representatives to see if they can provide the method your ask for.

30. How do I download my tickets?

Your client account at, is where you will download your tickets, by signing in with your order ID and email address and going to the order tab. There you will see the link to download your tickets, when they are ready.. 

31. I will be traveling and not have access to my printer. How will I print my tickets?

Electronic tickets can be downloaded and printed from any computer, anywhere in the world. 

32. What is Box Office collection?

Your tickets will be at the Stadium's box office, and you will need to collect them. You will be sent notice, via email, with a voucher and instructions to follow for your ticket collection. 

33. What if I don't have a delivery address when I place my order?

You can place an order prior to having a local address, and then sign into your client account with your Order ID and email address, and edit your shipping information. It is recommended that you update your shipping details no later than 10-14 days prior to the match.

34. How will I know if my hotel will accept my delivery?

We highly recommend that you notify your hotel that you will be expecting a letter and ask them to accept it, on your behalf, and hold it for your arrival. If they refuse, please notify us immediately and we will do our best to find an alternative delivery method.

35. I am renting through AirBnB, can my tickets be delivered there?

AirBnb locations require very specific shipping details, including the name and phone number of the resident at the location. You must make sure the location is able to accept delivery prior to your arrival, or if the owner is willing to accept delivery on your behalf. If not, a different delivery method will have to be arranged and we must be notified as soon as possible.

36. Can you deliver my tickets to a Hostel?

We can deliver your tickets to a hostel if you provide all the needed details, of the hostel, including the reservation name along with your arrival and departure dates. You must, also, confirm the hostel is able to accept the delivery on your behalf and hold it for your arrival.

37. What if I only arrive to my hotel on the day of the match? How can I get my tickets?

Once you furnish us with all the details of your booking and confirm with your hotel that they will accept delivery on your behalf and hold it for your arrival, we will deliver to your hotel based on the delivery method confirmed for your order.

38. I am only going to the match for the day, how will I get my tickets?

It is always helpful to be able to have an address or location in the country of the match. If that is not available, please let us know and we will work hard to make other arrangements and notify you as soon as the delivery method is confirmed.

39. If I stay with a friend or family member, can you deliver my tickets to their home?

If staying with friends or family, be sure to provide us with the family name of the residents, including the phone number of the contact person at that residence, and notify them of a possible delivery arriving on your behalf. there should be no problem as long as all the needed details are provided correctly.

41. Will my order be seated together?

We guarantee seating in pairs unless they are ordered as singles, therefore, your tickets will be adjacent to one another, but not always side by side.

42. What if my seats are not together as you guarantee?

In the rare event that your pair of ticket seating is not adjacent to one another, please take a photo of the tickets and notify us by email at [email protected]  As per our terms & conditions, and based on the distance of separation and an examination by our management team, you will be reimbursed in the amount of 3% - 15% of the price of purchase.

43. How can I know where I will be seating in the stadium?

The category description explains the location of your seats, and the seating plan, when available on our website, shows the entire seating area 
for each category. When the seating plan is offered, it can be accessed by clicking on the link  "view seating plan" next to the category.

44. Can I know the row and seat number to expect?

We do not offer/sell tickets based on specific seat location (seat/row/block) but according to our categories described online. These categories are covering specific areas of the stadium and your tickets will be within the seating area of the category description of the tickets you ordered.

The specific row and seat number will not be available until the time of the ticket delivery.

45. Why are your categories & category descriptions different from the official club?

Football Ticket Net sells tickets for many matches in many different locations, which makes it impossible to change our categories according to each team and match. Therefore, we have our own categories & descriptions.

46. Will my name be printed on the ticket?

Only if it is required by the club.

47. Will I be seated in the Home or Away section?

Purchased tickets are always seated with the home team unless they are specifically purchased as away tickets or in the "any available" category (any available means anywhere so it can be either home or away).

48. If I purchase tickets in the "Any Available" category, where will I be seated?

Tickets purchased in the "Any Available" Category can be seated anywhere in the stadium, as the category description explains, and, shown in the seating plan when available.

49. What is the difference in seating between Best Available and Best Available Pairs?

Both "Best Available" and "Best Available Single" are single tickets that can be seating anywhere in the stadium, including the away section; however, "Best Available Pairs" are granted to be seated in pairs i.e. if you will buy 2 tickets they will be seating together anywhere in the stadium.

50. What should I do if I think I got the wrong tickets?

If you think your tickets are incorrect, please make sure the block is not included  in the seating plan of the category you ordered. If they are not, please take a photo of your tickets and send us an email, including your order number and explaining the issue. We will send the information forward to management for review and notify you with the results. 

51. I ordered 6 tickets and would like to to be seated together. Can this be done?

Our seating is guaranteed in pairs, however, prior to a purchase of more than 2 seats, you can call our sales department to see if any guarantee of group seating is available for the match. If that is not available, you can make a special request and we will do our best to accommodate your request based on ticket availability.

52. Why is the price printed on my ticket different that the price I paid for it?

The price on the ticket is the original price, or face value, paid by the original ticket purchaser. Our company purchases the tickets at a higher price from the original ticket holder and then makes them available for sale at a fair market value.

53. Is the date and time of the match subject to change?

All times and dates are subject to change, as stated on our website and in our Terms & Conditions. The dates and times of the matches are confirmed by the official organizers. Please be sure to check the official time and date of their match, and make any needed adjustments to their travel and lodging arrangements.

55. Can I cancel my paid order?

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, and as stated on the order confirmation page, all paid orders are final and cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.   In case of an extreme situation, please contact our [email protected] for a more specific assistance.

56. Can I cancel my order in the case of a date change and I cannot attend?

Date changes are not refundable unless they are cancelled and not rescheduled, as stated in our terms & conditions. This is also the first remark on the page of the match on our site and on the confirmation email sent after the payment. In case of an extreme situation, please contact our [email protected] for a more specific assistance.

57. How do I use my credit?

Your can just place an order with the same email address used for your initial order and the credit will automatically be applied to your purchase at the time of payment. If you will not see it happening, pease stop the ordering process and contact our customer support.

58. I would like to sell you tickets I have purchased elsewhere, what should I do?

You can submit your details at and we will contact you within 48 hours if they are relevant for us. 

59. How can I expect to receive a refund?

A refund will be issued through the original method of payment on file.

60. How long will it take to see my refund?

A refund usually takes few days to reach your account but in very rare circumstances can take up to 21 working days to appear on your credit statement. If you will not see it happening, please contact our customer support.

61. Who is Football Ticket Net?

Football Ticket Net is an independent, secondary market ticket vendor that is not affiliated or associated with any official club or event organizers.